Artist's Statement

Many of my paintings are abstract landscapes that reflect parts of nature. I’m interested in the worn and weathered elements found in the environment with a focus on color, texture, and pattern. By applying these observations, they are used to add my personal experience and to influence my work.

With an approach to painting that is spontaneous and intutive, I begin to apply multiple layers of paint. The begining stages develope as I randomly scrape, erase, and add markings to the surface. Using washes, random tools, and other techniques, multiple layers are created to reveal some depth and texture. During this period, I concentrate on the contrast of light and dark, rough and smooth, and transparent and opaque.

The surface is an important aspect and a concern in the final stages. Once again, the influence of nature and the environment appear. With more accidental and intentional altering, and any additional adjustments, the image emerges to complete the painting.

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"The only thing the imagination has to work on is remembered experience"
- Coleridge


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